Birthday Chalkboard Signs

A few weekends ago I had the fun privilege of creating a couple of birthday chalkboard signs for a good friend’s adorable son’s first birthday party and photo shoot. He’s already a laid back dude so my friend knew she wanted the signs to be playful and cute but not girly. I went for a mix of calligraphy lettering and block printing to give it a bit more “masculine” feel and love the combination together. I love how she incorporated fun information about Owen at his big one year mark. It will be such a fun memory in a few years to look back on. Chalkboard signs are a fun way to add a custom touch to any party, brunch, class {I could go on forever}. Now if I could only find the good old fashion SLATE chalkboards in Dallas. If anyone knows where to find them, I beg of you, share your secret!

You can find a few more pieces of my chalkboard work here.

Birthday Chalkboard Signs - Dallas Calligraphy Birthday Chalkboard Signs - Calligraphy Dallas Calligraphy-Blog-Signature