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Calligrapher Dallas Kelly Hager
I have always been in love with pretty paper, letters, nice handwriting and thoughtful presentation. I was that girl who always wanted my notes to be cute and original and loved going to the stationary store to pick out invitations for parties. After graduating from Texas A&M University {WHOOP} I found myself working a very corporate job and needing a creative outlet. I’d always wanted to learn calligraphy so I enrolled in a calligraphy class at SMU in Dallas taught by the renowned Susie-Melissa Cherry. I studied under Susie-Melissa and learned the classic forms of calligraphy including italic, uncial, old english, round hand and copperplate script and played around with my own interpretations of modern script styles. I have been practicing calligraphy since my first class! I was hooked. I now am a full time Dallas calligrapher and owner of Polished Pen Calligraphy.  
About Dallas Calligrapher Kelly Hager
I am severely addicted to Natural Ice chap stick, I put it on at least 40 times a day {not exaggerating} and people who know me think it is a problem. I can’t get enough of my dear old Aggies of Texas A&M, I am an obnoxiously proud alum! I love Italy, a perfectly made margarita {I’ll drink the not so perfect ones too}, my blue heeler Shorty, road trips, live music, two stepping, Tex-Mex, an empty mall, island sunsets, taking pictures, Texas and American flags, laughing until I cry, massages,  vintage Fiat 500s, my passport {and collecting stamps for it} and exploring new places. I have a big, loud extended family that I love spending time with and my friends mean the world to me.

About Dallas Calligrapher Kelly Hager
I wish I could be one of those people who doesn’t dislike anything and thought the entire world was made up of candy and roses, but let’s be real! There are certain things in this world that drive me absolutely crazy. My biggest pet peeve is traffic jams for no apparent reason, I just can’t. A few other things that I don’t love are cilantro and cardamom {it’s genetics apparently}, hand soap that has a perfume smell, flight delays, rudeness, bad grammar, crowded malls, weather alerts that interrupt a good TV show and puzzles that come with a missing piece. If you steer clear of these things you and I will get along great!