Polished Pen Gets a Blog

I can officially call myself a calligrapher. When I began Polished Pen in 2012 it was a fun side job when I had extra time on my hands, I had a different full time job that kept me from being able to fully commit to calligraphy as my one and only job but oh how the times have changed. I was lucky enough to move to Florence, Italy for all of 2014 and am now back in Texas and am able to now do calligraphy full time {yay for no more cubicles!}. Polished Pen will be getting a bit of a makeover and that includes having a blog to showcase my projects I’m working on as well as things that are inspiration to me. I hope you all enjoy what’s to come.

For those of you who are just finding Polished Pen Calligraphy here are just a few things that I’m pretty obsessed with. Think of this as my quick intro I would give if I were on a game show. Not at all a weird way to explain it.

About Dallas Calligrapher Kelly Hager