So you have an event coming up that needs a special something and you chose calligraphy! You obviously have great taste but you might also have a few questions. I’ve compiled a list of some of the more frequent questions I get when it comes to a calligraphy project. If you still have questions don’t hesitate to contact us.


I can’t wait to mail out my invitations! How long does it take to address a set of envelopes?
I typically require 2-3 weeks to complete a project of 100 envelopes. This time frame may vary depending on the amount of work each project entails.

I’m a planner, how long do “day of ” projects take?
For projects that are considered “day of” projects {place cards, table numbers, etc.} I typically require 5-7 days to complete a project. As with envelopes, the timing may vary based on the amount of work needed for the project.

I’m in a bit of a hurry, do you offer rush services?
Yes, depending on what our schedule is like, rush services are available for a fee.

I’m not a classic black and white kind of person, can my project be done in color?
Yes! Inks can be mixed to match pretty much any color under the sun.

I like to have options, do you offer more than one calligraphy style?
Absolutely, you can see some of the styles I offer in my portfolio! My styles range from classic italic and copperplate to scripts with a modern twist.

Not that I think you’ll mess a single letter up but do I need to include extra envelopes {place cards, etc}?
While I wish I could say I was perfect, calligraphy is a hand written art form and things like smudging and ink drops do happen! I require an additional 20 percent of blank stock beyond the number of items that need to be completed.

I’m a super organized party planner and have every address in every type of file imaginable, which do you prefer I send you?
Here is where I get a little picky {it helps, I promise}. For a list of addresses I prefer a Word document{s} where the addresses are typed out EXACTLY as you want them to appear on your envelopes. So if you want me to use an ampersand {&} instead of the word and, write it that way. Here are a few other examples:
Dr. or Doctor
St. or Street
Ln or Lane

This is how it should look:
{Second name line if needed}
Street Address
City, State, Zip
Country {if out of the United States}

*if you have requested centered addresses, please make sure you center them on the word document you send 

The list{s} should be in alphabetical order by last name. If you have both inner and outer envelopes please create separate lists for both. The lists will be stacked in the same order to make it easier for stuffing, they are just worked on separately {hence the 2 list request}.

Is it safe to assume I should send my seating card list the same way as my envelope list?
I hate to be a stickler but no. Please send any seating card list electronically as an Excel document. The guest name should be in column A and the seating assignment in column B. If there is no seating assignment simply put the name in column A. Like the envelopes, the seating cards will be written exactly how the name is typed on the spreadsheet so make sure you proof read your list before sending it my way.

Do you take credit cards or do I have to find an ATM or my checkbook?
I accept cash, checks & credit card payments via PayPal.

Your site says “Dallas Calligraphy”, do I have to live in Dallas to book you for a calligraphy job?
Not at all! While we are based in Dallas and have branded this as a Dallas calligraphy studio, we are happy to work with clients across the country. It’s easier than you might think.

If you’re wondering how an address should be written according to etiquette there are many resources available online; I use this resource if I have a question and don’t have my Crane’s Wedding Book handy.