Escort & Place Card Calligraphy

escort & place cards
escort & place cards
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What’s the difference between an escort & place card?

Escort & place cards can cause a little confusion if you’re not familiar with them. Often times people use escort and place card terminology interchangeably, however they are two totally different things. What’s the difference? Traditionally, escort cards are placed at the entrance of the event space or reception area, and include the name of the guest and their table assignment. Place cards are typically placed at the actual seat of each guest. The escort card directs the guest to their table, and the place card indicates their specific seat.

Do I need to have both escort & place cards at my event?

This really depends on the size of your event, and the level of formality. If you’re creating a seating chart and are placing guests at specific spots then escort and place cards are the way to go. You only need escort cards at events where the tables are assigned, but guests can choose their own seats. Less formal events can skip these all together and create a seating chart.

Whatever your event calls for, we can create custom calligraphy cards or seating charts to fit the occasion!