Free “Dear Santa” Printables

Christmas is officially one week away! I don’t know how that happened or where the year went but here we are. I doodled a couple of “Dear Santa” letter toppers and wanted to put them up on the blog for anyone to download in case your little ones want to write a letter to leave for Santa on Christmas Eve. Nothing super fancy but I think they are cute! There are two different lettering styles and each have 3 different color variations. If you follow the link that is attached to each picture it will take you to the PDF. It’s set up at 300 dpi so it should look good when you print it out. Just a note, I made the image fairly large but you can scale it down in whatever program you print with (word, photoshop, etc.)

I hope that everyone has the merriest Christmas this year! Sending lots of warm holiday cheer your way!

Dear Santa Printable - 1 Green and RedDear Santa Printable - 1 RedDear Santa Printable - 1


Dear Santa Printable - 2 GreenDear Santa Printable - 2 RedDear Santa Printable - 2 Red and Green