Matching Gouache to Envelope Liners – Modern Calligraphy Project

I get all kinds of requests from all kinds of brides. Classic brides with traditional weddings usually want black in, maybe gray or navy, in a copperplate or citadel font. Very timeless. Other brides want to play up their less traditional wedding day plans by deviating from what might be considered “normal” wedding calligraphy and go for a different take with modern calligraphy. I’m not at all picky when it comes to calligraphy and love all shapes and sizes, I don’t discriminate. But when this bride came to me wanting to create some modern calligraphy with such a fun color combination of mint envelopes with the most vibrant envelope liners from Paper Source and asked me to pick a color from the liner and address her envelopes in that color I was more than thrilled to play! I decided on the bittersweet like color I was immediately drawn to in the liner, I thought the contrast of the orange against the mint would really pop.

When I need to use colored ink I prefer to use gouache, which is a watercolor paint, to mix my own colors. I looked up some Pantone colors and then started playing with the paint mixing. I used Winsor Newton cadmium red, orange lake deep and a touch of permanent white. I mix my watercolors with a drop of gum arabic and a little water {always start with less than you think you’ll need and slowly add the water}. I keep playing with the consistency and color until it flows smoothly from my nib and is the color I want on both my up and down strokes. This usually involves trial and error for me but you might be a pro with your first mix!

I really love the color that I got when I mixed these three colors together, I think it goes great with the liner and looks so good against the mint of the envelope. I’m super excited to get these back to the bride.

Mixing Gouache - modern calligraphy

modern calligraphy - gouache