Our Process

We’re so thrilled you want to work with Polished Pen Calligraphy! Here’s a breakdown of our process:


Our design process begins with an initial consultation, conducted by email, phone call, or Skype session (Dallas area clients have the option to have an in person consultation as well). This conversation will give us a chance to discuss your event, design inspiration, stationery needs, and your style. At this point we love it if you share any pictures, inspiration boards, ideas, color palates, or fabric swatches you might have collected as inspiration for your event. If you have specific sizes, font requests, paper requests, etc., this is the time to let us know! We can help with any questions you may have regarding etiquette or design options at this time.


After our consultation, we will draft a detailed estimate for your project that includes design & materials. You can expect to receive the quote within 2-3 business days of our initial consultation. If you decide to proceed, a client contract and project timeline will be sent to you. The contract must be signed and returned, along with a 50% non-refundable deposit. Once the contract and deposit are received, you are officially booked! Please note, no designs will be created or worked on until both the contract and deposit are received. If your order needs to be completed within 4 to 5 weeks, it will be considered a rush order, and payment must be made in full up front. Depending on our availability and schedule, designs to be completed in 4 weeks or less might incur a rush order fee.


Once the wording, contract, and deposit are received, the fun begins! In this step I begin working on the actual project design. I will provide you with digital proofs of the design, which you review and either approve or request changes. You are allotted two rounds of changes to the proofs in the invitation design price. These minor changes include line spacing, layouts, and changes to capital letters. It does not include changes to calligraphy styles, or wording of the piece (these incur additional design fees).  Any changes after two rounds will incur a minimal fee per change. Your proofs will be sent within 2 to 8 weeks of booking, depending on the project, and time agreed upon in the contract.

Please note, wedding invitations should be sent out 6 to 8 weeks prior (destination wedding invitations should be sent out 2 to 3 months in advance). Keep this date in mind when you’re planning to book your invitation design. The process from beginning to end can take a few months.


Yay! Your design is complete. At this point you’ll review your final proof, checking all the spellings, dates, and details one last time, and will sign off on sending the design to print. We always recommend having a few set of eyes review the proofs for errors, if you know what you are supposed to read, your eyes see it! When you’ve signed off on the final proof, the project goes into production! At this time, no changes can be made to the piece itself, and quantities cannot be decreased.


Your invitations are in great hands! Printing time varies based on the method used and quantities. We’ll contact you when your order is complete and make arrangements for you to pick up your order, or for them to be shipped to you. A final invoice will be sent to you, including tax (Texas orders only) and shipping fees. Final payments are due prior to shipment, or at the time of pickup.

Depending on the project you are requesting, the process will either be almost identical to invitation design, or a little less technical. Projects like address stamps and return addresses that are to be digitally printed will work the same way. Custom pieces like poems, vows, quotes, etc. will not have a design proof. We will work with you to understand the design aspects, layouts, fonts, etc. and create the piece. Hand lettered, one of a kind pieces do not have the proof or printing steps.