Reply Cards – Ideas for Wedding Reply Card Wording

Wedding Invitations - Reply Cards


Reply cards for your big day should have the same feel as your wedding invitations. If your invitations are very classic and traditional your reply cards should follow suit. If you are going the more playful route with invitations you don’t want your reply cards to be classic and traditional. You get the point! I’ve come up with a list of different possibilities that a bride and groom could use for their response cards. I hope that this brings some inspiration to you if you’re stuck when deciding on how to word your reply cards.

Accepts with pleasure — Declines with regret
Joyfully accepts — Regretfully declines
Will attend — Unable to attend
Happily accepts — Sadly declines
Delighted to attend — Sad to be missing out
Definitely yes — Unfortunately no
Be there – Be square
Wouldn’t miss it for the world — Will be there in spirit
Yes, obviously — No, but I have a good excuse
Will come for sure — sorry, can’t make it
Oh yeah! Can’t wait — Boo, can’t make it
But of course darling — sincerest apologies for the absence
Duh, I’m totes in — Ugh, as if!
Can’t wait to party — Too busy to have fun
Yes, so excited — No, already bummed
Yes, ready for a swell time — Aww shucks, can’t make it
Wedding cake! Count me in — No, I’m on a strict no wedding diet
Already shining my dancing shoes — Don’t save a dance for me
Yes, I’m giving the toast right? — No, but I’ll toast from afar
Two words. Free booze — No, I’m lame and hate a party
Yes, I love weddings almost as much as Ross Gellar — No, I’m more afraid of weddings than Mr. Big
Yes, I can’t wait for a change from football Saturdays! — No, why did you plan a wedding during football?
Our bags are packed — We sunburn easily
Our passports are ready — Too lazy to get a passport
Yes, can’t wait to meet the drunk uncle — No, so take pics of your drunk uncle

Some of these are obviously more playful than others but hey, it’s your day and you can be as playful as you want to be! I hope this gets your creative juices flowing!